Does Your Website Confirm That You’re REALLY Open for Business?

Out of Date Storefront


Have you ever walked by a storefront and noticed dust on the display, grime on the windows, or leftovers from the last holiday season that was 5 months ago?

What is your reaction?

Does this kind of unkempt look make you excited to walk in?  Are you thinking “Wow, I bet they have the latest new stuff I’m looking for to: wear, fix my appliance, treat my problem, serve for a meal, etc.).”

I’m betting you have the same reaction I do – are these guys still in business?  And if they are, […]

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5 Questions to Answer Before You Create Your Website

Your website is going to be the front door to your business online – what do you need to think about before taking action?

Where do I start with my website developmentHow do you choose a name of your business and the domain name of your website?

Choosing the name of your business is a branding project that’s based on: your values, your promise to the market, your target market segment, and your value proposition.  Getting a domain name that matches the name is very important.  […]

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Key Elements for a Successful Home Page

The home page of a website is the most critical page of the whole site: it is the landing page for your entire business.
Key Elements for a Successful Home Page

The home page must offer a compelling experience of your businesses key value both in feel and in the copy.  And the impact must be immediate—you have on average only 3-5 seconds to get someone’s attention.

In priority order, here are the questions that need to be answered with a minimal amount of copy embedded in […]

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