How Social Media Tools Undermine the Benefits of ‘Social’

Social Media EngagementLet’s say you’re going out on the town with some of your friends.  Suppose at the same time in the back of your mind you’ll be thinking about that important appointment you have tomorrow – you haven’t worked out all the details of what you’re going to do or say at that event.

Scheduling Your In Person Conversations Ahead

So…… what if you had the capability to schedule in advance some fun things to say to your friends during the evening so you had some free time […]

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3 Reasons You Should Care About Google Authorship

Google Authorship CreditI have a question for you: why are you writing articles and blog entries on the web?  For some of you it’s because you just want to tell us what’s in your head.  For a lot of you, it’s about generating interest, traffic, and visibility for you and your business.  So if someone offered you a free billboard or featured ad everywhere you left a flyer would you turn them down?  Of course not – but are you using this free attention grabber from Google to get people […]

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Who are those ‘People You May Know’ in LinkedIn’s suggested connections?


Some thought-provoking ideas about how LinkedIn figures out who to suggest to you

LinkedIn People You May KnowThis question came up recently in my circle of colleagues about how LinkedIn chooses who to recommend to you for connecting.  The question was prompted when LinkedIn suggested connecting with someone the person had only had email connection with and about an Airbnb opportunity.  So how did LinkedIn know to make that recommendation?  No one had connections in common, no looking at each other’s profiles, no other apparent interaction…

Check out this account by someone familiar […]

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Resonate With Your Market

Resonate: Present Visual Stories that Transform Audiences by Nancy Duarte

Resonate by Nancy DuartePresentations are the lifeblood of marketing. Because of that, I make sure that all the presentations I create and/or give have key messages and a path to conveying that message that will empower my audience to take an action. And not just any action, but one that will make a positive difference in their lives.

The absolute best book on how to craft a story line for any presentation that you want to have actually […]

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Google had it all wrong: Google vs. Facebook

(Note on November 2015: Turns out, I was right back in 2011 when I wrote this…)

In thinking about Eric Schmidt’s remarks this week at D9, I’ve got to say that Google seems to still be completely blind to the real issue behind their lack of success in being social.  And it’s not because Eric Schmidt forgot or got sidetracked.  The reason has more to do with core competencies of companies based on their foundational beginnings and their original value.

Google has always created value by serving up […]

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3 Keys to Staying Ahead of the Game in Social Media Marketing

Stay Ahead in Social MediaDon’t blink! Or Facebook will leave you behind with yet another change in how business pages post or how the wall looks or who knows what… And Twitter might restrict access from all those helpful desktop programs like Hootsuite and Seesmic…And LinkedIn will add yet another feature with no documentation…

So how can you keep up?

I have 3 ways I keep on top of social media innovation—kind of a triangulation to figure out what’s going to make the difference for all my clients.

Number 1: I read read read—actually I […]

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