5 Questions to Answer Before You Create Your Website

Your website is going to be the front door to your business online – what do you need to think about before taking action?

Where do I start with my website developmentHow do you choose a name of your business and the domain name of your website?

Choosing the name of your business is a branding project that’s based on: your values, your promise to the market, your target market segment, and your value proposition.  Getting a domain name that matches the name is very important.  […]

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Facebook Marketing Training – Beyond Tips and Insights

I just discovered a brand new Facebook marketing education program called FBInfluence.  I’ve reviewed the whole program and it looks really good.

The delivery is done by Amy Porterfield (she has participated in Social Media Examiner’s Success Summits) and she does an excellent job of being methodical, patient, and easy to listen to.  No hard sell, no fast-talking obscure tips — she sticks to what you really need to know to be successful.

If you want a thorough Facebook marketing overview PLUS detailed tips and references, this is the program for you.  It’s […]

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3 Keys to Staying Ahead of the Game in Social Media Marketing

Stay Ahead in Social MediaDon’t blink! Or Facebook will leave you behind with yet another change in how business pages post or how the wall looks or who knows what… And Twitter might restrict access from all those helpful desktop programs like Hootsuite and Seesmic…And LinkedIn will add yet another feature with no documentation…

So how can you keep up?

I have 3 ways I keep on top of social media innovation—kind of a triangulation to figure out what’s going to make the difference for all my clients.

Number 1: I read read read—actually I […]

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