3 Reasons You Should Care About Google Authorship

Google Authorship CreditI have a question for you: why are you writing articles and blog entries on the web?  For some of you it’s because you just want to tell us what’s in your head.  For a lot of you, it’s about generating interest, traffic, and visibility for you and your business.  So if someone offered you a free billboard or featured ad everywhere you left a flyer would you turn them down?  Of course not – but are you using this free attention grabber from Google to get people […]

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Google had it all wrong: Google vs. Facebook

(Note on November 2015: Turns out, I was right back in 2011 when I wrote this…)

In thinking about Eric Schmidt’s remarks this week at D9, I’ve got to say that Google seems to still be completely blind to the real issue behind their lack of success in being social.  And it’s not because Eric Schmidt forgot or got sidetracked.  The reason has more to do with core competencies of companies based on their foundational beginnings and their original value.

Google has always created value by serving up […]

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