YOU Can Get Fabulous Facebook Results for Your Local Business

Fabulous Facebook Video Ad ResultsFacebook, over the last year, has made a lot of changes to what shows up in people’s news feed.  And more are coming… These changes have been especially challenging to small businesses.

The Facebook changes include:

  • Far less visibility for business page posts generally
  • Location of ads: mobile vs. sidebar vs. news feed
  • Increased focus on boosting posts from the page
  • Extensive ad targeting options
  • Shifting importance of links vs. photos vs. videos vs. status updates
  • Visibility of YouTube videos vs. native Facebook videos

This can all be summarized as a general, consistent, and pervasive shift […]

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Facebook Marketing Training – Beyond Tips and Insights

I just discovered a brand new Facebook marketing education program called FBInfluence.  I’ve reviewed the whole program and it looks really good.

The delivery is done by Amy Porterfield (she has participated in Social Media Examiner’s Success Summits) and she does an excellent job of being methodical, patient, and easy to listen to.  No hard sell, no fast-talking obscure tips — she sticks to what you really need to know to be successful.

If you want a thorough Facebook marketing overview PLUS detailed tips and references, this is the program for you.  It’s […]

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Google had it all wrong: Google vs. Facebook

(Note on November 2015: Turns out, I was right back in 2011 when I wrote this…)

In thinking about Eric Schmidt’s remarks this week at D9, I’ve got to say that Google seems to still be completely blind to the real issue behind their lack of success in being social.  And it’s not because Eric Schmidt forgot or got sidetracked.  The reason has more to do with core competencies of companies based on their foundational beginnings and their original value.

Google has always created value by serving up […]

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3 Keys to Staying Ahead of the Game in Social Media Marketing

Stay Ahead in Social MediaDon’t blink! Or Facebook will leave you behind with yet another change in how business pages post or how the wall looks or who knows what… And Twitter might restrict access from all those helpful desktop programs like Hootsuite and Seesmic…And LinkedIn will add yet another feature with no documentation…

So how can you keep up?

I have 3 ways I keep on top of social media innovation—kind of a triangulation to figure out what’s going to make the difference for all my clients.

Number 1: I read read read—actually I […]

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4 Steps to Growing Your Social Media Community

Your Social Media Community is like a garden.

Growing a loyal group of social media fans that want to hear what you have to say isn’t easy—just like growing tomatoes isn’t always easy.  I know, you hear about companies that have hundreds of fans ‘liking’ their page, following them on twitter virtually overnight.  But think about it—generally those are people who were fans before and they just discovered that their object of affection is someplace they can connect!

Success never happens overnight.  Let’s take Lady Gaga as an example.  Here […]

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Integrating Social Media into Your Already Busy Day

Social MediaHow Small Businesses Can Participate in the Social Media Game While Also Doing Everything Else!  (Assuming you already have a strategy with an objective defined)

Small business operations have some unique challenges involved in participating in social media.  The challenges originate in the fundamental demand of authenticity: this is SOCIAL interaction and people want to interact with other people.  Businesses in general have the challenge of choosing what personality they will assume for the conversation as well as who will conduct the conversation.  Success requires that the person conducting the conversation be […]

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