Help Your Subscribers Easily Get Off Your List or Change Their Email

Email Unsubscribe Process


I just went through changing my email on many email newsletters—from an old email address that had been overtaken by spam to a new one that filters the spam a bit better. That meant interacting with every email newsletter I’d ever subscribed to… I suppose I could have just left some alone, allowing them to head to spam, but I like to be thorough.

So I had the opportunity to experience the email unsubscribe experience and the update email preferences experience for about 100 different organizations.

The unsubscribe process is clearly broken […]

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Email Marketing: Great Results Without the Marketing Automation Hassle

Marketing Automation ComplexityMarketing automation tools offer compelling results for all sizes of businesses.  Many small businesses have started to put in place some simple campaigns to take advantage of these tools and generate qualified leads from their websites.  However, even with the best of intentions, it’s easy for small businesses to spend precious time and resources on this new set of tools without ever getting a return.  Let’s take a look at why that can happen.

Marketing Automation has added some powerful leverage to attracting, identifying, and qualifying potential new customers through […]

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