Build Your Online Visibility with Video Content Marketing

Video Content MarketingAre you looking for an easy way to stay in front of your customers online? Do you enjoy talking more than writing? Would you like to really take advantage of your website and social media but you haven’t figured out how? And do you dread creating those email newsletters, wondering what it is you’re going to say this week? Or this month?

Creating and building online visibility is about a lot more that just a website. Your website is the beginning of putting together a network of places your business appears – […]

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Create Your Blog Content Easily with Interviews

Content Creation InterviewsContent creation can be a hassle.  Here are some tips to making it easy and painless.

Marketing today is all about content for:

  • Your blog so you can have good search results with regular new content.
  • Social media sites to keep your name and value in front of customers and prospects.
  • Email marketing for new connections or continuing to build relationships with your market.

But creating all that content can take away from the actual value you’re creating with your business: delivering your service or product to paying customers. So how do you fit […]

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Tweetchat Your Way to Content Creation

Tweetchats and Content CreationTwitter can be an excellent tool for visibility, connecting with peers and customers, and actually getting leads and business. But using Twitter as a content creation tool? Absolutely!

Tweetchats are a great way to generate original, high value content at the same time you’re building visibility, a following, and credibility. They are also the best way I’ve found for meeting like-minded people around the world.

Content Creation

Tweetchats produce content for you to use in blog posts, social media, infographics, and on your website. The conversation you create will have both your […]

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Being Real: The Secret to Successful Marketing Today

Marketing Secrets to Success

We all have a way to measure the level of hype in someone’s conversation or pronouncements.  We know right away if we’re being handed a line or a gold nugget.  And which would you prefer?  Yep, thought so.

Here’s how to get to the ‘gold’ as a foundation for your marketing.

(I wrote this first for Constant Contact on their Community Blogs: Being Real)

Let’s talk about how to hand out gold nuggets to your audience: your customers and prospective customers.  Because in today’s world of marketing, you […]

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How Social Media Tools Undermine the Benefits of ‘Social’

Social Media EngagementLet’s say you’re going out on the town with some of your friends.  Suppose at the same time in the back of your mind you’ll be thinking about that important appointment you have tomorrow – you haven’t worked out all the details of what you’re going to do or say at that event.

Scheduling Your In Person Conversations Ahead

So…… what if you had the capability to schedule in advance some fun things to say to your friends during the evening so you had some free time […]

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Coming Up With Your Blog Content

Blog Content IdeasYou’re a business owner – how can you possibly find the time to write a blog entry?  You know you need to: for SEO, to communicate with your customers, to demonstrate credibility.  You’ve gone to seminars and you’ve heard all the reasons why it’s important – and you can even understand most of them.  But, when it comes right down to it, you are just too busy making the business happen to figure out what to write about.

So, what are the options?

1. Have someone else write […]

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