Email Marketing: Great Results Without the Marketing Automation Hassle

Marketing Automation ComplexityMarketing automation tools offer compelling results for all sizes of businesses.  Many small businesses have started to put in place some simple campaigns to take advantage of these tools and generate qualified leads from their websites.  However, even with the best of intentions, it’s easy for small businesses to spend precious time and resources on this new set of tools without ever getting a return.  Let’s take a look at why that can happen.

Marketing Automation has added some powerful leverage to attracting, identifying, and qualifying potential new customers through […]

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YOU Can Get Fabulous Facebook Results for Your Local Business

Fabulous Facebook Video Ad ResultsFacebook, over the last year, has made a lot of changes to what shows up in people’s news feed.  And more are coming… These changes have been especially challenging to small businesses.

The Facebook changes include:

  • Far less visibility for business page posts generally
  • Location of ads: mobile vs. sidebar vs. news feed
  • Increased focus on boosting posts from the page
  • Extensive ad targeting options
  • Shifting importance of links vs. photos vs. videos vs. status updates
  • Visibility of YouTube videos vs. native Facebook videos

This can all be summarized as a general, consistent, and pervasive shift […]

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Create Your Blog Content Easily with Interviews

Content Creation InterviewsContent creation can be a hassle.  Here are some tips to making it easy and painless.

Marketing today is all about content for:

  • Your blog so you can have good search results with regular new content.
  • Social media sites to keep your name and value in front of customers and prospects.
  • Email marketing for new connections or continuing to build relationships with your market.

But creating all that content can take away from the actual value you’re creating with your business: delivering your service or product to paying customers. So how do you fit […]

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How Can Marketing Be Easy?

Know Your CustomerMarketing can be easy! Marketing basically comes down to letting people who have a particular problem know that your product or service solves their problem really well in a certain, unique way. That’s all there is… so what makes it feel like marketing is so hard? While marketing and fishing are in many ways VERY different (important and fundamental ways, like when we’re marketing we aren’t trying to eat our customers), in some ways the approach can be the same. And depending on the approach, fishing or marketing can either […]

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Tweetchat Your Way to Content Creation

Tweetchats and Content CreationTwitter can be an excellent tool for visibility, connecting with peers and customers, and actually getting leads and business. But using Twitter as a content creation tool? Absolutely!

Tweetchats are a great way to generate original, high value content at the same time you’re building visibility, a following, and credibility. They are also the best way I’ve found for meeting like-minded people around the world.

Content Creation

Tweetchats produce content for you to use in blog posts, social media, infographics, and on your website. The conversation you create will have both your […]

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5 Keys to Successful Video Contest Engagement

Contests are a great way to engage people – to get their attention and to reward them for participating.

How To Create Successful Video ContestsAnd they can be pretty easy to put together – you just put up an awesome prize, figure out some scheme for people to compete, invite people to participate, run it for a while, and then pick a winner!  Right?  Well, they are easy, but to do a really great contest takes a little preparation.

Turns out, the experience someone has in participating in a contest is just as important, […]

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