Make Sure Your Website Design Doesn’t Take Your Business Off Track

Going Off Track with Website DesignYou naturally want your business to have as great an appearance online as possible, within your budget. We all want to put our best foot forward. Online, that means having a website that represents your business well. A website that can be found, and that engages your prospective customers in such as way as to get them to call you, make an appointment, or show up at your business or store.

Representing your business ‘well’ can […]

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Does Your Website Confirm That You’re REALLY Open for Business?

Out of Date Storefront


Have you ever walked by a storefront and noticed dust on the display, grime on the windows, or leftovers from the last holiday season that was 5 months ago?

What is your reaction?

Does this kind of unkempt look make you excited to walk in?  Are you thinking “Wow, I bet they have the latest new stuff I’m looking for to: wear, fix my appliance, treat my problem, serve for a meal, etc.).”

I’m betting you have the same reaction I do – are these guys still in business?  And if they are, […]

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The Single Most Important Success Factor for Tweets and Posts

Your Brand Promise

We often miss the most important success factor when we post on social media.

Make sure you’re not leaving this out when you post on behalf of your business.

Social media updates can easily start to turn into tasks that just need to get done. So we automate or just put titles on posts to get them out the door. And then we may settle for either no or only a little engagement. Or we just get frustrated with the whole social media thing and stop posting for a while.

Whether we […]

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3 Ways To Dramatically Improve Your Marketing Results

Improve Marketing Results

The all-inclusive approach to marketing is such a temptation – it’s irresistible! Almost all of us engage in this at one time or another. The problem is that it’s a losing proposition: losing time, money, relevancy, and most importantly it wears you out.

And although the idea of narrowing your focus is fundamental to effective marketing – and any type of engagement – it’s so counterintuitive that it seems to make no sense. Let’s explore how 3 different ways to focus can increase your marketing effectiveness.

Avoid these 3 pitfalls of all-inclusive […]

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Write Your Own Ending to Your Marketing Campaign Story

Marketing Campaign StorySometimes we miss our big opportunity to take advantage of success we didn’t anticipate – don’t let that happen to you and your business.

Marketing Campaigns Are Like Stories

Every story has a beginning, a middle, and an end. Marketing campaigns are like that, too. Certain things happen at different times – otherwise the story doesn’t make sense: the order of events and their dependencies matter. A story that’s read out of order doesn’t work – it doesn’t fulfill the intention of the writer and it isn’t fun for the reader. That’s […]

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Build Your Online Visibility with Video Content Marketing

Video Content MarketingAre you looking for an easy way to stay in front of your customers online? Do you enjoy talking more than writing? Would you like to really take advantage of your website and social media but you haven’t figured out how? And do you dread creating those email newsletters, wondering what it is you’re going to say this week? Or this month?

Creating and building online visibility is about a lot more that just a website. Your website is the beginning of putting together a network of places your business appears – […]

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