My Marketing Philosophy

The philosophy of my consulting practice is to connect the fundamental business vision with the needs and desires of customers to maximize market share.  I have been successfully engaged with clients using this process since 2006.   My consulting practice specializes in businesses that are starting up, facing new challenges or are wishing to catalyze new growth.

I employ a three phase strategic marketing process for all my engagements:

Phase I: Understand the existing marketing relationships.

Kathryn Gorges Marketing Sweet Spot

Spotlight the intersection of the talents and intentions of the business with the needs and desires of the marketplace.  The first step in this process is exploring the founding and current vision of the business, its executives, and employees.  Second is building a deep understanding of the marketplace: achieved through qualitative market research with a variety of customers from loyal to uncommitted to uninterested.  Third, identifying a set of connections and disconnections between the vision and the marketplace.

Phase II: Develop the brand experience.

Illuminate the value that arises out of the intersections defined in phase I.  The first step is to understand the value to the customer for each connection and potential connection.  Also, evaluate the potential in minimizing disconnections by modifying the experience for the customer.  Secondly, create messages that communicate the value to the customer in terms the customer is interested in hearing/seeing/feeling.  Third, to develop a strategic plan for conveying the messages to the customer when/where/how the marketplace would most fully receive them.  The strategic plan also includes implementing any changes in delivery of the customer experience.

Phase III: Perform the marketing plan. 

The first step is to engage the resources necessary for carrying out the activities of the marketing plan.  Secondly, orchestrate the activities. Finally, establish an ongoing feedback and continuous improvement process to stay on top of the marketplace.