Try My Marketing Coaching!

Are you asking yourself how to get your business more visibility?

Or maybe how to use social media to get more business?  And how to do that without contracting the whole thing out?

I offer a series of Marketing Coaching Sessions that will get you inspired, provide a roadmap to take advantage of social media, and do that in a way that makes sense for the value YOUR business is bringing to the market, not just any business.  I tailor all my ideas, focus, and suggestions to your situation, your challenges, and your objectives.  And I bring my years of marketing experience, business education, and enthusiasm to the effort.

Here’s an overview of what my Marketing Coaching process looks like: 

My marketing coaching content is dependent on where we are in the process of going from a concept and business idea to a complete strategy evidenced by online presence on a website and social media platforms that are getting visibility and encouraging engagement with prospects.

The topics include:

  • Target market: a complete description of who the market is, where they hang out, how to communicate with them, what content they’re looking for, the voice and tone to use, in person vs. digital connections.  Also the price point they’re looking for and what their buying process is.
  • What will be the specific objectives of all touch points.  This is an exploration that starts with the main source of income of the business and how someone would move from not knowing about the business to purchasing the main service or product.  We identify all the interactions that a slow buyer could have, how to offer something and where to offer it from, and how to build trust and credibility.
  • In person or digital events and their objectives are key to increasing visibility by quantum leaps.  We will sift through all the options, all the calls to action that are possible and where the greatest leverage points are to move people through the process of becoming a customer.  This includes how the brand experience is incorporated into a presentation, how to create connection at an event, and how to present the offer.
  • Creating and reaffirming consistent messaging across all the interactions: both conscious and subconscious; language, actions, policies, values.  The objective is to make sure the entire experience for the customer is conveying the intentional brand experience.
  • Develop a skeleton framework for a social media content calendar and strategy.  Identify the key platforms to be on and what the objectives are, what are the calls to action and how will they be manifested as appropriate to the type of platform.  Currently the main platforms are the blog, LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.  Google+ will be a must for businesses shortly, and YouTube may be important.  Also important are topical forums and blogs, hubs and connection points for the target market—these are different from the social media platforms.  We’ll identify how to connect, what the strategy will be, and how to choose the platform.
  • After identifying the social media strategy framework, this all has to fit into the style of work you have and how you already spend your day and how people experience you.  Then a plan of action can be developed in alignment with that.  The plan of action must dovetail into the strategy, point of view, and content calendar for each social media platform: what will lead, what will support, what is the timing, and how do they inter-relate regarding the calls to action and conversion (whatever that might be defined as).
  • The overall strategy must also incorporate nurturing the customer through the process through email as well as social media.  Identifying the ways to create an email list, what will be the compelling reason for someone to sign up, what will be the value delivered, and what will be the optimal conversion from email. As well as logistical concerns such as frequency, content, and actual creation.
  • Along the way, the position and purpose of the website must be clarified and leveraged as part of this integrated strategy of social media, online events, offline events, and email marketing.
  • Finally, measurements need to be identified that line up with the business objectives so that the entire ecosystem can be tuned depending on the metrics that are showing up.  These must directly relate to success as defined by you.

These steps occur organically in the process, in whatever order.  Certainly there are some things that naturally come before others.  More importantly, many topics get revisited 2 or 3 times as the entire ecosystem strategy is refined over time.  And, of course, it is never done because everything is constantly changing online and in the world and more information is gathered about what works and what doesn’t.  That’s why identifying metrics is important to empowering an ongoing refinement to the process that’s informed by how close to the goal it’s all heading.

I look forward to working together!  You can email me here.