Social Media Marketing and the Brand Experience

The brand experience clarification process I use increases the effectiveness of any type of marketing—but it is especially crucial to the success of social media marketing.  Social media marketing occurs in the context of conversation, not as a message delivered in a straightforward way such as in brochures, websites, and ads.  In a conversation, the personality becomes very important, as does authenticity, transparency, interest, and entertainment.

In my experience, the most common mistake made by businesses in social media marketing is not knowing who they are as a persona or business for their audience or clients.  The metaphor that best illustrates this is to imagine attending a cocktail party, initiating conversation, but not knowing what is interesting about you to other people.  If you were in this circumstance you would likely become tongue-tied, potentially embarrassed, awkward, and finally get frustrated and leave.  Businesses that fall into this trap are also likely to rely on traditional marketing techniques that end up alienating the social media audience because they are starkly promotional in a conversational and entertaining environment.

Taking the time and effort to thoroughly explore, deconstruct, and characterize the personality of your business—as you create it and as your customers experience it—establishes the foundation that makes success not only possible but likely.

I always follow this process now with my clients who are engaging in social media.  My clients who have gone through this process, have valued it, and are now using the information to leverage their impact in social media, are reaping the rewards of greater visibility and more clients.