Help Your Subscribers Easily Get Off Your List or Change Their Email

Email Unsubscribe Process


I just went through changing my email on many email newsletters—from an old email address that had been overtaken by spam to a new one that filters the spam a bit better. That meant interacting with every email newsletter I’d ever subscribed to… I suppose I could have just left some alone, allowing them to head to spam, but I like to be thorough.

So I had the opportunity to experience the email unsubscribe experience and the update email preferences experience for about 100 different organizations.

The unsubscribe process is clearly broken […]

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SEO Tips for the Busy Person Looking for Keywords

SEO and Looking for Keywords

“The journey of a thousand miles begins with one step.” —Lao Tzu

SEO for your website and online presence generally is one of those digital marketing activities that becomes overwhelming quickly. In fact, the first step is overwhelming if you were to do it ‘right’: looking for keywords or also called keyword research.

Since being in action, on the court, in the mix (whatever your favorite metaphor) is a thousand times more effective than trying to do something the ‘right’ way, here’s a list for getting going.

NOTE: This is not […]

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Delight Your Customer by Making Them THE Hero

Delight Your Customer

Recognize and acknowledge yourself to be a facilitator of your customer’s success.

They are the hero in all your communications. They are the ones who will be creating the results and making the difference in reaching goals. By placing your customer in the hero role, you engage their identity, energy, enthusiasm, and partnership. And in the end, they will be appreciative of your role in helping them be more successful.

I included that statement in 10 Foolproof Tips to Powerfully Communicate because it’s absolutely critical to getting anyone to pay attention to what […]

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10 Foolproof Tips to Powerfully Communicate

Customer Communication Tips

1. Make your communication personal.

Imagine you are writing one-to-one with someone you’re trying to help be more successful in their personal or professional life. Speak directly tothat person.

2. Use plain language: straightforward, direct, action-oriented.

No acronyms, no jargon, no corporate speak. Imagine you’re speaking to someone who has no prior knowledge of your product or service and you want to make them feel an integral part of the community of customers. Empower them with clear explanations and accessible suggestions.

3. Focus primarily on how this will help your customer’s work or personal life, specifically and […]

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3 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Business Presence

Are you missing out on new business because you aren’t using LinkedIn to your best advantage? Discover the 3 things you can do to get your business in gear on LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Business Presence

LinkedIn isn’t just for big companies, recruiters, and job seekers. LinkedIn is also a great place for business owners to form partnerships, find subcontractors, and get more business.

Maybe you’ve decided LinkedIn just isn’t for you or your business: you don’t like it personally, you don’t ‘get it’, and it just seems like another way to waste time.

Even if you aren’t loving […]

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4 Reasons the 4Ps Really Are Essential for Marketing Success

4Ps of Marketing Plus Target Segment

The 4 Ps of marketing have become the whipping boy for the latest fads in the marketing reboot in the last 5-10 years. But that’s only because everyone wants to be cool–the 4 Ps are still where the real action is.

First off, let’s make sure we’re all on the same page about what the heck the 4 Ps are:

  1. Product–this is the whole product, including services, extras, warranties, packaging, upgrades, the whole kit and caboodle–everything that someone gets when they do business with you. Everything.
  2. Place–the way customers get […]
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