Being Real: The Secret to Successful Marketing Today

Marketing Secrets to Success

We all have a way to measure the level of hype in someone’s conversation or pronouncements.  We know right away if we’re being handed a line or a gold nugget.  And which would you prefer?  Yep, thought so.

Here’s how to get to the ‘gold’ as a foundation for your marketing.

(I wrote this first for Constant Contact on their Community Blogs: Being Real)

Let’s talk about how to hand out gold nuggets to your audience: your customers and prospective customers.  Because in today’s world of marketing, you […]

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How Social Media Tools Undermine the Benefits of ‘Social’

Social Media EngagementLet’s say you’re going out on the town with some of your friends.  Suppose at the same time in the back of your mind you’ll be thinking about that important appointment you have tomorrow – you haven’t worked out all the details of what you’re going to do or say at that event.

Scheduling Your In Person Conversations Ahead

So…… what if you had the capability to schedule in advance some fun things to say to your friends during the evening so you had some free time […]

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The Benefits of Blogging

Benefits of Blogging“Did you see how much traffic that blog post got us?!”

“I’ve had 3 clients this week mention they appreciated my latest blog post!!”

“I can’t believe how many people have looked at that blog I wrote!”

That’s the sound of my clients realizing that blogging actually does produce results.  None of them believed it at first.  They discounted it, pooh poohed it as a waste of time, couldn’t think of why anyone would want to read it, and generally dragged their feet.

That’s all changed now…  because NOW they see that people find […]

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5 Tips on How to Successfully Ride the Rollercoaster of Yelp Reviews

Problems with Yelp ReviewsLocal businesses all over have a love hate relationship with public review site Yelp.  And if they don’t, it’s probably because they haven’t received enough reviews to see both sides of the coin.

At the center of most of the issues businesses have with Yelp is the virtual anonymity of the reviewers.  A case being considered by the Virginia Supreme Court takes issue with this: in July 2012, Hadeed (the business owner) sued the seven reviewers for defamation, and demanded that Yelp turn over their true identities.

First, let’s […]

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The Heart and Soul of Successful Marketing Campaigns

Marketing CampaignsAre you wondering how social media can do anything for your business? Are you tired of learning about the tactics of using social media without any idea how to put them together for a campaign?  One that works for YOUR business?

Let’s talk about the most important factors to putting a social media campaign together that can:

  • Increase the calls you’re getting
  • Bring more people to an event or your business
  • Broaden your market to a younger audience
  • Grow your business

First, a reminder of […]

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Coming Up With Your Blog Content

Blog Content IdeasYou’re a business owner – how can you possibly find the time to write a blog entry?  You know you need to: for SEO, to communicate with your customers, to demonstrate credibility.  You’ve gone to seminars and you’ve heard all the reasons why it’s important – and you can even understand most of them.  But, when it comes right down to it, you are just too busy making the business happen to figure out what to write about.

So, what are the options?

1. Have someone else write […]

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